I Tentacles The restaurant was opened in 1987 by Mr and Mrs Martin, has since been carried out with passion by all the family, completely restored in 2002, the restaurant has taken a note of elegance while maintaining the warmth of a family, was introduced a well-stocked wine cellar with over 500 wines and the food is always well prepared.

The chef, aka Tucker, prepares specialties such as:

spaghetti baked in foil
linguine with lobster
baked sea bass conpatate
and choice are cooked fish and raw

You will find daily fresh fish (St. Peter, sea bass, salmon, turbot, oysters, redfish, lobster, spider crab …) our homemade pasta (pappardelle, Tortelloni, Gnocchi Verdi…) and for the sweet tooth… Pear and chocolate cake, tiramisu, tarts fresh fruit, cream and caramel panna cotta.

You can not but stand in awe…
…Gege’s word: “Health is defended at the table of good food satisfies the palate, throat and stomach.